Thursday, February 16, 2012

Say Cheeeeeeeessssseeeeee!

OMG! Im just the luckiest girl in the world! We celebrated Valentines Day over the weekend to avoid annoying crowds and ridiculously overpriced set menus around town. But I guess that just wasnt going to be enough for Philip. I came home after work thinking maybe we would grab a cocktail somewhere and walked into the Valentines Day Palace! More balloons, Wine, Chocolates and something I have given up..............

All time coolest balloon.......Says Youre Simply Irresistable and sings it! Classic!!!
I was just about to open the vino and DIVE INTO that cheese!!!!! Nope. That wasnt Phils plan....He said bundle up Buttercup were headin' out. We packed everything up and went and parked overlooking Swami's to watch the sunset. WOW! Blown away!

Dropped the tailgate, threw the blanket over us and just enjoyed another gorgeous day in *paradise*

I'm tickled pink!

Our set up

Sun is just about to set

An epic ending to an epic day.


Mellie Mel said...

Love love love those pics of you guys in the back of Phil's truck!! What a wonderful day you happy Phil did that for doesn't rake much does it bunners?!
Love ya, mel

zenisin said...

my dream come true bunners.........all ive ever wanted. ;-)