Tuesday, February 14, 2012


***Happy Valentines Day to all of you lovers out there***

We celebrated our Valetines ahead of time and hit the Park Hyatt for the second year in a row ;-) Its our lil getaway from home ....just up and over the hill and were at the Hyatt!!! We crack up but we love it. We may only be 5 minutes away but when you pull up to the Hyatt and the valet guys come to grab your bags we immediately slip into vacation mode. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Room 409 - Just like last year! Whoo hoo - Woke up in the morning and sat on the balcony overlooking the pool and lagoon. Cool breeze, palm trees swaying, frogs in the back ground....ribbit....ribbit.........and our feet up as we sip our coffee and mimosas.

Had to get the full affect of the "Fake-Cation" and hop the shuttle to brunch at the Argyle just below the resort on the golf course.

Sun came out just in time for a warm relaxing brunch on the deck.

After brunch we took a drive down the coast to La Jolla. Windansea has always been an incredible place as that is where I raised Keir from when she was only 4 years old until she was 9. These stairs remind me of walking down Bonair to the beach. Little Keir was so small and would be carrying all sorts of stuff as she followed me down these steps. Taking Phil here was so amazing and fun - we felt to lucky to be able to spend the day in such a beautiful spot.

We arrived home and Keir and Matt had decorated the house for us!!!!!!!!!!!! What a huge surprise!!!!!!!! I love the streamers on the ceiling fan. They were going around and around when we walked in..........Love it!

Then we get upstairs and they had decorated the room too!!!!!!!! WHAT! You guys are too awesome!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY - I hope yours is as wonderful as ours was.

With Love, Angie


Mellie Mel said...

Happy <3 day to you too buns! So happy for you guys to get away and have a nice early V day....looks fabulous:)

Pink Sun Drops said...

LOVE that you are back on this blog!! I love the personal feel of YOU this one has to it. Even though you had started blogging elsewhere, this one had never left my reader with fingers crossed you came back and you did!

What a precious post - and fakecations are the absolute BEST. You are so blessed. What an amazingly thoughtful thing for sweet Keir and Matt to do!

zenisin said...

Thanks Mellie Mel and PinkSunDrops!!! xxoo